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Talking With Cancer

My brilliant and beautiful friend Katie Phillips is one of the smartest, kindest and funniest people I know. Katie was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, and in true Katie style, she’s been harvesting gold from this experience as a way to help others.

I was recently invited to talk on her superb podcast 'Talking with Cancer' which opens up an intimate and loving space, for people to talk about living with cancer. We talk about my Mum's long journey with cancer, along with life, death and the cosmic soup!

Whether you’re going through cancer or know somebody who is, or have already been through this journey, her podcast is a little gem, shining a light on how to journey through with raw honesty and refreshing joy. Check it out and please, please PLEASE share

Full episode on Spotify

Listen on Apple Podcasts

For more info, visit Talking with Cancer website


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