Calendar of Events for 2022/23

I run a number of in-person and livestream events throughout the year.  Scroll below for current offerings.  Events are added every few weeks. The best way to stay in touch is via my free monthly newsletter - be the first to hear about my latest musings, upcoming events and special offerings.  From time to time, you'll also receive love notes & gifts from me.

Hoping we can connect - somehow, some way. 

Past and Upcoming Events

January 2022

New Year Workshop: a new perspective

Mindfulness 4 week course * FULLY BOOKED *

Yoga Teacher Training Q&A

March 2022

Mindfulness Teacher Training Q&A

Mindfulness Teacher Training 80hr starts (3mnt)

Yoga Teacher Training 300hr starts (6 months)

Yoga Teacher Training Q&A

Mindfulness 4 week course

April 2022

Workshop: Moving into Stillness

Yoga Teacher Training Q&A

Yoga Teacher Training Q&A

May 2022

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training 50hr

June 2022

5 Day Retreat: Coming Home to Ourselves

Mindfulness Teacher Training Q&A

July 2022

Urban Day Retreat: nervous system reset

One Day Silent Retreat *FULLY BOOKED*

* 1 month Teaching break *

September 2022

Mindfulness Teacher Training Q&A

Yoga Teacher Training 200hr Intensive

October 2022

Mindfulness Teacher Training 80hr *FULL*

Urban Day Retreat: honouring transitions

One Day Silent Retreat *FULLY BOOKED*

December 2022

* 1 month Teaching break *

February 2023

* 1 month in India *

March 2023

Deepening and Teaching Somatic Movement Urban Day Retreat: TBC

One Day Silent Retreat

Apr - Oct 2023

* 6 month sabbatical *