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About Me

Yoga, Somatic Movement and Meditation Teacher Trainer

Midlife coach and mentor

Writer and Recovery Warrior


Curious, flawed & beautifully messy human being.


Well, hello there!
I'm Deborah Berryman


I've had the gift of a couple of rock bottoms in my life (aka wake up calls!).

The first was in my early twenties when my life was careening down a dark and messy road, saved by yoga, meditation and recovery.
Then again sixteen years ago, when life as a 'high-flyer', LOOKED great but felt awful.
I hit rock bottom again, losing myself and all sense of purpose and meaning. I was exhausted, burned out and fed up with the way my life FELT.

Both times there was a clear sense 'I'm on the wrong track'. So I made BIG changes!


Today, I’m known for my infectious curiosity for exploring the glorious and beautiful mess of being human, and how tools such as coaching, meditation, yoga and somatic movement create insight, connection and deep, deep listening – help us to reconnect to what's most important and true.

My work has helped thousands of women improve their lives by reconnecting to their authentic self and power, and walking them through life-changing transitions.  I have no doubt it can help you too!

Whether attending one of my coaching sessions, retreats, workshops or teacher trainings - UK or international - expect an invitation to go deeper into yourself and discover more joy.

Hope to see you soon !

My mission is simple:

to share practices and tools that reconnect you to your authentic self, and empower you to create a better life. And to make you feel a little less alone by encouraging you every step of the way, to go deep and laugh hard as we learn and grow together.  

I share the practices and tools that have worked for the big (and small) transitions in my life and in thousands of womens lives, all creating a brave, whole and joyful life.

nesssherry-3820 cropped.jpg

SO FAR this 50 year old HAS...

🤍 Enjoyed a successful 10 year career (until I didn't!) in Corporate, accelerating quickly through the ranks in leadership roles


🤍 Became an entrepreneur mid-30s, founder and CEO of a thriving yoga studio and national yoga teacher training centre 

🤍 Curated, designed and led Teacher Trainings for 12 years


🤍 Led SELL OUT UK and international retreats for 12 years


🤍  Helped thousands of women improve their lives by reconnecting them to their authentic self and power, and walking them through life-changing transitions. 

🤍 Got married and gratefully had the sweetest divorce


🤍  Spent years (on and off) travelling the world enjoying great adventures inside and out - the latest being a year long  SOULBATTICAL celebrating turning 50 and stepping into a new, exciting and glorious season of my life.

But what I’m most proud of is the impact my work makes on the lives of people like you and me – and the fact that despite all this achievement, I am still passionate about exploring my full potential as a human. So on we grow.....

Take a step toward the life you want. I can show you how.


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