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Embodying and Teaching
Mindfulness & Compassion

Embodying and sharing the power of Mindfulness & Compassion

This 80hr Online Certified 'Embodying and Teaching Mindfulness & Compassion' Training is for those who feel drawn to sharing the power of mindfulness and compassion practices to others, or simply wanting to deepen their practice to shore-up the foundations of their own inner refuge.  


Students often share how profoundly mindfulness and compassion are transforming their lives and then they ask: "What is the pathway to becoming a teacher myself? I love this path I want to share it."

In this livestream training Deborah Berryman shares the qualities, personal experiences and attitudes that are important in those drawn to teaching meditation, as well as the challenges and pitfalls that may arise.

Course Overview:
This foundational course has two distinct modules. While these inevitably overlap, it’s useful to keep a focus on ourselves as practitioners, as the most powerful tool of teaching is the embodiment of mindfulness and compassion

Module 1: Embodying the practice : growing in effectiveness and understanding

•    exploring the roots of meditation practice and its journey into modern culture
•    the neuroscience of mindfulness and compassion and their relationship with resilience
•    exploring the truth and myths of mindfulness and heart practices
•    experiencing the transformative medicine of mindfulness and self-compassion by deepening our own practice
•    working with resistance, to the practice, the moment and with life
•    personal qualities that contribute to being a good teacher,
•    bringing formal and informal practices into our daily life

Module 2: The art of holding space
•    different motivations that draw people to mindfulness meditation,
•    what mindfulness and compassion teachers actually teach
•    the power of our words and silence
•    teaching topics, guiding practices and facilitating groups

•    the art of teaching from curriculum and emergence
•    taking care of ourselves while holding space for others
•    special considerations for inclusivity and trauma 
•    ever-increasing opportunities for teaching in a world 

I will draw from over a decade of experience in training others to teach. You’ll hear inspiring stories, examples and reflections that allow you to use this learning as a way to grow for both you and your students.

Who is it for?

Whether you are a Yoga Teacher, Wellness Practitioner, Therapist, Holistic Business, Coach, Healthcare Professional or Business Leader - embodying these practices and weaving them into your current profession will help you and your clients disrupt difficult mental and emotional patterns, and transform relationships, workplace dynamics, and societal interactions.


Join me for this enlightening FREE webinar as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and compassionate action.

Expect the session to be both informative and interactive. Register now to secure your spot 👇 and take the first step towards becoming an agent of positive change in your life and the lives of others!




Can't make the webinar? Book a Discovery Call NOW!
A free 15min consult, to explore if you're ready, time for you to ask Qs and get to know each other

2024 Course Dates

Starts Monday 3 June 6.30pm - 8.30pm, runs weekly until 2 Sep. (Please note, there is a summer break from 30 Jul to 2 Sep)
PLUS Online weekend immersion 7 and 8 September 10am - 4pm
​Recordings will be available for 30 days should you miss a session and need to catch up.

Course Fees: £450
Deposit and Balance: Please email me directly for this option at

I also offer two 'Pay It Forward' diversity scholarships per intake. See here for info and to apply

Delivery Method

Online (Livestream via Zoom) This allows for real time interaction between teacher and students.
Teaching methods include lectures, meditations, inquiries, reflective exercises, small groups, partner work and teaching practice. Between teaching sessions, you will have a home practice along with written assignments to complete to help integrate the learning and transition to teaching in a real-life setting. 
To be eligible for a Teaching Certificate, you will need to submit a final class assessment.

Hours and Certification

Total Number of hours: 80 – including training, reading, self-study, assessments and assignments

Certification - there is the option to simply attend the training days and obtain a Certificate of Attendance.
This course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals, and the training hours (80 in total) are eligible for continuing education (CEP) credits once all assignments have been successfully assessed.


Cancellation Terms - please take time to read this carefully before booking -

•             90 days or more prior to the course date: Your payment will be refunded, less £20 admin fee and/or £50 which is your non-refundable deposit.

•             89 days or less prior to the course date: payments are not refundable.

See full T&Cs here


About the Teacher

Deborah Berryman is a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Mentor, and Senior Yoga Teacher known for her infectious curiosity for the practice and for life. Drawing on nearly 20yrs of teaching experience, she is a personal mission to share the benefits of delving into these practices in community.  By offering these experiences, the space for healing connection opens up to empower others - not to change themselves, but to be fully seen in all their glory.  When we change the way we see ourselves and each other, we can affect some sort of change or perspective that makes our world better.

Since completing her initial training in 2005, she went on to train as a Mindfulness MBSR / MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) Teacher with Bangor University, Centre for Mindfulness UK. She then trained further as a Mindfulness Mentor with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield - going on to work for Jack and Tara at Cloud Sangha as a Mindfulness Teacher and Mentor. ​ She's also studied the work of Kristen Neff and Chris Gerber (Mindful Self-Compassion MSC) and attends regular silent retreats to deepen her own practice. With a keen interest in working with trauma and addiction, she's also trained with Ralf Marzen, Dr Gabor Mate and Richard Schwartz to better understand how yoga, meditation and compassion can support this.


Deborah will share her training, experience and personal insights, exploring the power of this insight practice in creating emotional freedom.  You can read more about the teacher here


Have any Questions?

Get in touch if you have any questions about this course, including future dates



I would highly recommend this training. Deborah is highly skilled and professional with a light hearted approach, giving you a sense of connection and ease. Great course!


What a life changing course! I finished the course with a great understanding and found it extremely useful. Thank you Deborah - I cannot wait to do more courses/practices with you!


Do it! It will support in so many ways to help you grow and heal and also be of service to others

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