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Pay It Forward Scholarships

Research shows mindfulness meditation and compassion can help people deal with stress, anxiety and trauma, as well help build resilience and to empower leaders of social change.  
This is a time when meditation teachers can serve as leaders and provide that support, while teaching an empowering life skill. 



With increased demand for meditation teachers to work with underserved communities, I am committed to cultivating a diversity of voices and life experiences in my trainings - making them accessible to people of all income levels, identities and backgrounds through this scholarship opportunity.  I want everyone to feel they belong. My hope is these practices - that cultivate resilience, compassion and self-care -will ripple out into communities that need them the most.

The Pay It Forward Diversity Scholarship is for teachers and practitioners who are passionate about sharing mindfulness and compassion practices with communities who are under-represented in the wellbeing community at-large and/or have genuine financial need - this is for you! Concepts of resilience and acceptance, compassion and self-care are critically needed in our culture and our lives.  

Who can apply?

People from all backgrounds can apply for the scholarship, regardless of how you personally identify. I view scholarships as an investment in you and in the future of more creating conscious communities. If you are from, or belong to, a community that is often under-represented in the wellbeing community at-large and have genuine financial need * – this is designed to support you.

You will still need to meet the minimum criteria for the course e.g. 1 year of regular and consistent meditation practice, and ideally already working in a client-based role (e.g. teacher, therapist). This ensures you can skillfully hold the space for others.

* Scholarships are NOT available for people choosing not to exercise their earning power, living off of savings, in university or studying, pivoting or launching a new business, retired with a pension or investments, those who own their home, have money for travel, etc. 

I value my work and wisdom and I'm really happy to support those in need, but not those who simply don't wish to pay.
Thank you for understanding.

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How to apply?

Each applicant is asked to write an essay and plan, describing how they will offer their support and teachings to communities that are underserved 
. As part of your application essay, please address the following items:
•    What is leading you to train in teaching Mindfulness & Compassion Meditation?
•    How do you envision this course meeting your needs? 
•    Although you may or may not choose to disclose certain aspects of your identity, please tell me a bit about your personal journey and how it led you to this point in your career. 
•    How does your personal journey inform your approach to healing trauma and promoting social justice?
•    Please tell me more about the population and community that you serve. Who are the types of people that will directly benefit from you receiving this training? 
•    How do you plan to offer this practice to those in financial difficulty or in need - such as underserved, underprivileged or otherwise disenfranchised groups?
•    Although you do not have to disclose specific details, please include a general description of what financial barriers are standing in the way of you taking this training at the present time. 

Apply Now

I offer a limited amount of scholarships.  Applications are considered on a first-come-first-served basis. If chosen to receive a scholarship of any amount (I typically award partial scholarships between 30% - 70%), you will be notified and advised on next steps. I will also follow up with an email if you have not been selected this time. You are always welcome to apply at a later time since my capacity to accommodate the variety of applicants may change.

Please send your application as an email to with the subject line 
“Pay It Forward – [Applicant’s Name]” 

The deadline to apply for a Pay it Forward Scholarship
is 1 month prior to the course start date

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