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My Approach to Teacher Training

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

I've curated and led Teacher Training programmes for over 12 years. Having guided over 500 trainees and teachers, I weave together a rich tapestry of experience and expertise in many disciplines.
With a strong focus on embodiment and leaning into practice to support our modern day lives, I invite teachers to both teach and live from this place; to demonstrate the effects as well as the techniques. 

Yoga at Home

My Mission and Vision

I believe in my bones, that teaching is a privilage. My mission is to train teachers to feel inspired and who are inspiring. Teachers who leave training with the ability to offer classes that can transform - not just because they are skilled in biomechanics or have brilliant lesson plans (although this is also the case) - but because these practices have changed their lives for the better.  There is something different about how they teach when this happens. Through a clear grasp of embodying these practices, teachers can role model the powerful affects as well as the techniques.

I want there to be teachers in the world who guide with a depth of presence that reflects an understanding into themselves, of others and this whole gig of being human.  The capacity to engage with the student fully, being able to see them as a whole person, and reflect back their innate goodness. 

When I teach one and they go on to teach many, I sense the ripples of change going beyond anything I can ever imagine. This offers much hope for our world.

Available Trainings

Teaching Credentials

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