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Everything Happens. Period.

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Here's a radical statement......I DON'T buy into the idea that ‘everything happens for a reason’. I know, right?! It's almost blasphemy in the wellbeing community.

I used to believe this and espouse it often because....well, it sounds so magical. That was, until I tested this idea against reality. And honestly, it doesn't sit as a truth for me when there is so much devastation and unimaginable suffering that happens on a daily basis (human trafficking is a good example!) To truly believe in this idea would mean there’s an ultimate force or power that is choosing to impose this suffering onto people. And I can’t live in that world

So instead, I opt for a for a much kinder and gentler ride by exchanging the thought from “everything happens for a reason” to simply “everything happens” and it’s up to me to take from it what I will and to endeavor to be the best human being I can be while I’m here.

Whatever situations you face, whether we’re talking about a relationship or a job or anything else, you’re either going to glow from it - meaning it’s going to light you up and inspire you, or you’re going to grow from it. You do not have to do the mental gymnastics to put everything in your “thank you” column. When painful things happen, when you experience loss, grief, betrayal, or an unwanted twist in the plot, you can bet that you will grow. You may not have wanted the opportunity to grow in that particular way, you might wish with all your heart that you didn’t know what you now know, but we don’t get to choose what’s going to happen.

The earth is spinning. We are here and my feeling is this is an extraordinary thing, just to be here with each other. Just to wake up each day.

Glow or grow in love, I wish this for you.

Love Deborah x


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