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Great teachers are everywhere!

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Ask me who my most important teachers are, hands down – it’s Trees! They’re so darn audacious and unapologetic; a tree just wants to be a tree.

They teach me so much about staying rooted in solid ground, how to dance defiantly in difficult weather - barely breaking sweat, just enjoying the winds and rain washing through, knowing this too is necessary for the cycle of rebirth. Their absolute faith in the nourishment harvested from reaching down into the deep, into all that is dark and dirty. I’m still in the process of living into all of this.

So if you're going through something difficult right now, reach down my friend. I wonder how this time, how this pain and struggle will be the nourishment for the next thing you’re becoming.

Go gently, 💛

Pic: My recent trip to the ancient Muir Woods, forest bathing with BEAUTIFUL 1000yr old Sequoias. And yes, many strange looks as I adopted star-fish on the floor :)


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