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Yep, it's pretty crazy out there right now!

As I’ve landed back home in the UK, it’s taking time to find my rhythm again. My soft, warm animal body is making many adjustments – to the pace of life, the change of season, time zones and a shift in perspective and priorities. It’s both disorientating, and it’s totally ok. I trust myself to know I’ll soon find my flow again – and in the meantime, I rest in my steady centre.

I’m grateful for this, as sense of chaos within is a microcosm of the chaos out there. Recently it feels like the whole world is having a bad day. And there’s a multitude of new things to cry “WTF” about nearly every day.

Somehow we’re supposed to keep it together and muddle through, as if what’s happening, isn’t happening. NEWS FLASH! It’s not ok. We're not ok. We’re not keeping it together. I’m seeing folks struggling to find any sense of ground and peace while all around us seems in chaos.

It’s worth saying this because I know many of us are not thriving right now, and it can feel like there’s something wrong with you - it’s not you! It’s the cray-cray reality of the world we’re living in. It’s not you. It’s ALL OF US. Whether you’re feeling anxious or hopeless, struggling to concentrate or plan anything, still procrastinating on that ‘really important thing’ or on your 6th Netflix binge – it’s a perfectly natural and sane reaction to the hot mess we’re all swimming in right now.

Deep Sigh. So, what to do? Gosh I wish I had the answers and the power to tackle some of the bigger global struggles – climate change, Ukraine/Russia, Israel/Palestine, political hatred, human / animal cruelty, and don’t even get me started on AI. But I don’t, not on a global scale anyway (not yet, mwah-ha-ha!)

So for now, I start small. I figure out how to take care of myself so I can be useful to those I love and beyond; to position myself as part of the solution (love) and not the problem (fear). Here’s how I’m navigate these stormy waters (take what ever is useful, and leave the rest)

1. I’m wise about consuming news. I prefer the radio - short and sweet with no visuals, sandwiched in between some funky tracks, perfect! I’m informed but not overwhelmed.

2. Apply the same wisdom with people. I spend time with people who aren’t hiding from problems, but not living ‘in them’ either.

3. Stay curious! This moment in history is calling for a new way of being. It feels like a reckoning, an unearthing and facing down the toxicity that’s been festering and needs to goooooo!

4. I ask for help and reach out to people who are struggling. We make each other laugh, or cry….both are very loving. I tell the truth, so others can do the same - and we can sit together in the rubble.

5. Most importantly of all, I get skilled at resolving my own inner conflicts. The more peace I have inside, the better I can cope and be a healing presence in everyday life. I know it’s a cliché – but cliches are cliches because they are true.

We don’t get to choose what’s happening out there (which I agree, is VERY annoying!), but we do get to choose how to be in all of it. Remember we’re 100% responsible for our mindset. Simply asking “how do I want to show up in all of this? and “what CAN I do?” puts us back into a space of quiet courage and power.

As you ponder this, my hope is at some point today you can take a moment and go outside. Look up at the sky or the trees, the stars or the moon. Take a deep, deep breath. Life always feels better out there, I promise.

Go gently with yourself, and each other, and always, ALWAYS with love

Deborah 💛

PS I can’t believe I’ve just written a ‘tips’ list (I have a slight aversion to these), but desperate times call for desperate measures people! :)


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