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THERE’s A LOT that’s Right!

It's easy to look around and see all of the things that are wrong in the world and even in ourselves. Biologically we’re wired to pay attention to this stuff. But berating or hating on the world and ourselves is a sure way to making us feel more miserable and stuck.

Don’t get me wrong, some of life is incomprehensibly painful, and some of it will crack your heart wide open. Life is just life, it is happening, it is moving and flowing. This was true before we existed, and it will be true after we're gone. We get a blink, you know?

With our blink, I’m hoping we blaze our way through. How we respond to this life is OUR choice. What we feed is up to us. I believe in focusing on the good stuff. I believe in facing your fears and slaying your dragons and sitting with your pain and owning your truth. I believe in acknowledging those places where you may be weak, and turning them into places of incredible strength. I believe in knowing yourself, and I believe in accountability. I believe if you want to be happy, we need to shift our focus and consider what you might do to uplift someone else.

We cannot control circumstances, but we CAN choose how we respond to them. We can choose where we focus our attention. Watch what you feed yourself in every area. Everything you take in is your food. Some of it feeds your body, some your mind, and some your heart. You cannot exist on a steady diet of Not. Good. Enough. and expect to be able to love yourself well.

So this week, rather than focusing on what you haven’t done or haven’t got, take 1 min now to just appreciate what you have got and what you have done. Yep, RIGHT NOW. 1 min. Close your eyes…..Go!

Doing this simple ‘mind training’ on a regular basis is ESSENTIAL for us to feel ok. We cannot feed ourselves a regular stream of disappointment, frustration and self-abuse, and think that doesn’t seep in to our being. Or dwell on everything that's wrong in our life, everything that isn't happening the way we’d like it to, and think we’ll feel any gratitude or happiness.

Let’s CHOOSE to feed the joy. It takes courage, a little bit of effort and commitment, but I PROMISE you it will be worth it.

I’m teaching a class tonight on FOCUS – join me on the mat for some ninja-style mind-training.

Love to you all, Deborah


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