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The quieter you become, the more you can hear

So much of the time, we lose ourselves. Weird right! - how can we lose ourselves if we're right here?!

But without knowing, we’ve taken on other people’s beliefs or ideas or philosophies and accepted them as our own, without question. If you were fortunate, you were taught that being kind and thinking about how your actions affect other people and the world around you would help you to connect and thrive. Maybe we were not so lucky, and learned that only certain feelings and drama were okay.

Yoga and meditation is a process of coming home to yourself. When you create space between your thoughts, you also create space to connect to that most authentic part of yourself. You get to breathe in that space. Your body is full of wisdom about who you are and what you need to be at peace. It will help you to let go of those ideas or beliefs that are weighing you down. And then you can fly!

Wishing that for you, and offering you a spacious practice this week to find that stillness within - join me if you can. Sending you love and peace, Deborah ❤


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