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The only way through, is THROUGH!

No matter where I've been in the world, or who I'm with, everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - wants the same things; love, friendship, purpose, and a sense of belonging, freedom and aliveness.

To do this, we're taught to look outside for the 'things' or people to fulfil us. But I’m guessing you've probably noticed by now, it doesn't work - at least, not in a sustainable way. There's sometimes a temporary satisfaction or relief, and then the empty ache and confusion returns (it might sound something like "well I've got a good life, so I guess should be happy - suck it up!"


I've also learned that, deep down when we're radically honest with ourselves, we know it's an inside job. But there's a powerful resistance and incredible wall of protection that whispers, "don’t look here" - leaving us stuck, lost and bewildered. We're truly between a rock and a real hard place, or perhaps more like a hamster on a wheel after a can of Redbull.


THIS is why I teach what I teach - transformational retreats and courses, meditative movement, mindful inquiry. We can disrupt this nonsense and get straight to the source: which is YOU!

In each of the events I curate and lead, I walk alongside and guide you while you show up at the edges of your comfort. I invite, watch and support you take deliberate steps through the discomfort and discover a mysterious conversation with a part of yourself you don't yet know or understand, but is so essential - and sits in a distant place inside you.


To grow, we must know what we know, and feel what we feel. Only when witness our own struggle, will the gap between it and us widen. In order to discover what is hidden, we must risk ourselves again and again, and embrace what we're becoming; something more real and oh so right.


If you're ready to be free from old habits of reactivity, and step into a life of deliberate choice and freedom, then join me for one of my upcoming events below. Each of these offers a different doorway into the heart of what really matters in your one, precious life !


"I have never seen anyone take a risk for growth that was not rewarded a thousand times over." Irish poet and philosopher John O'Donohue

See you along the road brave heart!

Go lightly, and always, ALWAYS with love

Deborah 💛 


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