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Updated: Jun 18, 2023

All life needs, rest and incubation. All of life needs time below the surface - where it can breathe itself full and round, where it can reconnect with its nature and sprout again in its flesh form. Just as you cannot force flowers to continually bloom, the same is true for all human life. There is great value in letting go and dropping down.

We must learn to remember from time to time to be like the tree in winter. After their bloom turns to gold and falls gently to the earth, the tree then closes its eyes, bringing all of its life within its bark, and it sleeps for months. Never to wake and force a bloom, for it knows in lies another form of life, the life that wants of nothing and sits enjoying the simplicity of its being.

Embrace this time. While it all swirls around you at its fervent pace, do not be swept into forced doing. Learn to honour your being’s call to rest.

From time to time dear one, be like a tree in winter and allow yourself the gift of complete surrender to the quiet that seeks to love and nourish you.

Hope to see you on the mat.....with a blanket and all the things that make you cosy! 💛

(inspired by the work of Sarah Blondin)


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