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GOODBYE 2017….It’s a wrap!

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

It’s true to say that on balance, I’ll be glad to say goodbye to 2017. This past year has been a difficult one - for me personally and my sense is for a lot of people around the world - overflowing with emotion, intensity, uncertainty and change.

It seems things that were lurking in dark corners were brought out into the light. The ‘Me Too’ movement empowered men and women to voice what had been silenced. The strength of sharing their story gave others permission and confidence to share their own.

I’ve watched the same thing happen in our own community. Long-standing yoga practitioners and teachers have been calling out elements of their practice that no longer serve them, along with inappropriate and unhealthy teaching practices. My hope is that all of this discussion will lead to a new era with MORE respect, kindness and skillful discernment.

2017 was a year that did not grant gentle learnings, instead abruptly dragged out the shadows in our lives, relationships, work and politics. In lots of ways this year has forced us to narrow in on our direction, our failings and our future.

Yet, despite the difficult year there still there is so much that I’m thankful for. Both are true.

I’m deeply grateful to my team for carrying me this year when I lost and grieved Mum, and the teachers who made it possible for me to step back to be quiet and still. My family, friends and recovery community who have loved me deeply, and my husband who’s been my absolute rock. I’m reminded there is ALWAYS beauty to be found, even in the muddy times of life


Every new beginning starts with an ending. This year ahead feels like something we are all craving. In 2018, let’s re-ignite our hope and dig deep in our resolve to live and breathe the things we love and value. Rediscover our creativity, igniting the sparkle in our eyes and bring back the spring in our step. Be you. Now. As you are. You are beautiful.

Happy New Year, Beloveds. Oh my goodness we are going to LOVE THE HELL OUTTA THIS CRAZY WORLD IN 2018!!!

While we know change is the one constant, rolling with the ups and downs of life is not easy. Here’s the things we can’t control:

  • Circumstances

  • The weather

  • Your boss, siblings, parents, children, in-laws, partner, person driving in front of you, or local barista

  • What other people want, expect, say, feel, need or do

And since life isn’t obligated to unfold like the picture in our heads of “how things should be", we have to learn how to make peace with the shape of things!

The greatest power we have resides in how we respond to what we’re given. The more we can open to reality as it is, rather than contract against events we can’t control, the less we suffer. Simple, but not easy.

I’ve been practicing yoga for 17 years. I’ve had a regular meditation practice for many years, and still I find life’s bumps a challenge. And my life is not perfect, it has not all unfolded the way I hoped it might, but I love it anyway, and I love it wholeheartedly.

I’ve been a mentor for the past 17 years, and teaching yoga and meditation for the past ten. I get to work up-close with people every day, and what I’ve found is that we are all a lot more the same than we are different. Most of us just feel shame around our fear, mistakes, and tendencies that don’t serve us, but shame keeps us stuck and support is often the difference between staying stuck or freeing yourself.


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