Yoga Stretches


A 'teacher of Teachers'

Deborah Berryman is a meditation teacher, a somatics movement and yoga teacher in six traditions. She is also a teacher trainer, retreat and workshop lead, a writer, and the founder of Whitespace Yoga & Wellbeing Studio.


She's known for her infectious passion for exploring the beautiful mess of being human, and how meditation & yoga - through insight, connection and deep, deep listening – can helps us to navigate this wild ride and rediscover who we were always meant to be.

Drawing on over 22yrs of practice and 17yrs of teaching, she's on a personal mission to share the benefits of delving into these practices in community; empowering others - not to change themselves, but to change the way we see ourselves and others.  So that we can affect some sort of change or perspective that makes our world better Read more about me here

Whether attending one of her classes, retreats, workshops or teacher trainings - UK or international - expect an invitation to go deeper into yourself and find more joy.

Hope to see you soon !