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50hr Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Trauma-Informed 4 day immersion

  • Starts 15 May 2025
  • 525 British pounds
  • Whitespace Yoga & Wellbeing Studio

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This 4 day immersion introduces you to the practice, concepts and teaching of Restorative Yoga, and the true importance and benefits of including trauma-informed techniques into your teaching. Restorative yoga is considered the true antidote to stress because it allows you to relax deeply with awareness. Relaxing with awareness is the key to bringing the mind-body into a state of balance or homeostasis, similar to the effect of meditation. It’s easy to be swept away by the demands of modern life. Today’s pace of life means we are often in a state of high alert, causing our bodies to release stress hormones that stimulate the ‘fight or flight’ response. This affects our ability to sleep soundly, digest our food, focus, feel grounded, and even our ability to conceive a child. When 1 in 3 adults report having experienced developmental trauma, it’s important we understand the impact of trauma on the body. We will cover the neurobiology (brain and nervous system) and physiology (body operating systems) of trauma and prolonged stress (Complex/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and how to apply this wisdom into your teaching. This approach will also provide support with verbal cueing and set up of postures, sequencing, and creating a safe space for all students.. Teaching and Practicing Trauma-Informed Restorative Yoga can be a powerful tool in aiding the process of regulating the nervous system and help undo the effects of stress – bringing about a sense of feeling grounded, calm, relaxed and safe. KEY TOPICS • Restorative yoga - philosophy and practice • Trauma-informed yoga philosophy & application • The neurobiology (brain and nervous system) of prolonged stress and trauma • Physiology (body’s operating systems) of prolonged stress and trauma • How to apply neurobiology and physiology wisdom into your teaching • Techniques for propping students in postures • Adjustments for different body types • Supporting practitioners in the postures • The art of skilfully holding space • Leading a full restorative group class • The art of sequencing the poses for an effective class/workshop and intention • Being a student and experiencing a restorative practice • Self-development including recognition of own stresses, meditation, reflection and practice of personal restorative practice COURSE HOURS • 28 contact hours • 10 reading hours and research • 12-hour assignment including teaching, self-practice and enquiry INFO + BOOKING:

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BOOKINGS: Spaces on my trainings and events are limited and therefore must be pre-booked and pre-paid. Bookings are only confirmed upon payment. Before committing to a 1-to-1, course or event, please ensure you can attend the scheduled number of sessions to get the most out of the programme. CANCELLATIONS: • Classes and 1-to-1 Sessions cancelled 48 hours or more prior to event start time: payment will be refunded less £20 admin fee. • Less than 48hours, no refund • Short Courses & One Day Events cancelled 14 days or more prior to event start date: payment will be refunded, less £20 admin fee • 13 days or less prior to start date: payments are not refundable. • Trainings and Retreats cancelled 90 days or more prior to start date: payment will be refunded, less deposit (or 10% admin fee if no deposit) • 89 days or less prior to start date: payments are not refundable. To help keep events (and my livelihood!) viable, this policies are firm. With regret, no refund or transfer can be given outside of these terms, including if you are unable to attend due to illness, injury, work/family changes, pregnancy or other reasons. Thank you for your attention and understanding. See full booking and cancellation terms here:

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