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We're all recovering from something

If I’ve learned anything over the past two decades of my own recovery – it is this. We are all recovering from something. Or many somethings.

This truth – that every one of us has a thing or two that we need to address to live our healthiest, happiest lives – is the absolute foundation of why I am a yoga and meditation teacher. This truth levels the playing field because it connects us all. It reduces stigma because…well because everyone has a thing which means that everybody else’s thing is no big deal. This principle is as helpful as it is hopeful because when we share the same things, we can also share our strategies and solutions for recovering from them. Are you following me?

These days, the laundry list of things that I am recovering from is mostly manageable – doing too much, multi-tasking, pushing and proving with a lingering touch of co-dependency from my past thrown in to keep life interesting. Bonus points for you if can see how these things might be inter-related. For sure I am ‘in process’ and I’m guessing you are too.

If you are trying to decide what you might be in recovery from today, please be gentle with yourself. Pick that one thing that – above and beyond all of the rest of the things – is causing you the most grief, holding you back, messing with your serenity, or – as I know might be true for some of you – is killing you or could kill you. Pick just that one thing. And come up with just one thing that you can do today to start to address it. Paying attention to what I am writing/saying here is a start to addressing it. Baby steps matter.

Like me, you may still get pushed off centre, thrown back into fear and habit. I still get tangled up in a mess of expectations – mine and others – of who I should be and what I should do. But there’s good news – if we keep showing up and choosing to be present in both the mess and the delight, we will find our way back home to ourselves.

I love you. Thanks for your support and for reading.

Deborah xx


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