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Celebrate all things YOU!

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

This week we celebrate 5 years at the studio… 5 years! Can you believe it? Can *I* believe it? I started out on this journey full of fear, self-doubt and reservation. I always believed that I was never the type of person who got to do what they loved for a living - that was for other people right? And then one day I questioned that belief – where did it come from? Was it true? Why CAN’T it be me? And from that place, a quiet knowing grew – I’m supposed to share what I know and love, that’s EXACTLY what I’m supposed to do.

From that tiny seed, so much has grown – the studio, the guys who practice with us, our team and the many ripples that flow from this. So much has changed in me too, and yet I'm still that same person, working every day to support people as they reconnect to themselves and come alive in new ways. That is amazing to me. Today I honour myself for how far I have come. For having the courage to follow my dreams even when it didn't make sense on paper. For creating a business and life that I am in love with and doing the work of my soul every single day.

Somedays I feel I've done it all wrong or it feels too hard, and I take a deep breath and just surrender. I surrender the need to be right. I surrender the fear of being wrong. I surrender the worries of not being good enough. I surrender the worries of what others think. I allow myself to just be....neither right nor wrong, neither good nor bad...just me. I put one step in front of the other and trust the process. So...that is me, lovely hearts. That is my story and that is not how it ends...that's just how it started.

Often we (I) forget to celebrate the little things and feel shame about celebrating the big things...whether it's your first 5k month or your first week of consistently reading your matter how small or big you think it is..if it's something that is new for you that you are proud of or grateful is worthy of being are worthy of being celebrated

So this week feels like a good time to invite you to celebrate out loud with me. What can you honour and acknowledge yourself this week? What little or big things will you choose to celebrate as you fully embrace this moment of your journey?


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