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Wayfinder Retreat:
Redesign Your Life !

Monday 16th – Friday 20th September 2024

Frome, Somerset UK

Sitting on a Bench

When was the last time you stopped to
pause and reflect on what really matters?


Given the speedy passage of time and the increasing complexity of life, now, more than ever, it's essential to reinvest in ourselves.

Are there parts of you feeling afraid, foggy, or untethered?

Can you hear yourself searching for something larger, more expansive?

If you know you need something but can’t put your finger on what, ask your partner, your family, your friends, heck even your boss… but most importantly yourSELF, if you deserve the gift of this retreat.


Join me for a very special week, immersing yourself in transformative and invigorating practices and workshops, where you’ll acquire the practical tools and profound insights necessary to rediscover your true essence and forge a life that feels like a full body YES! 

This retreat will be an unforgettable experience with time to recharge, renew and reconnect. Set on a majestic regnerative farm and nature reserve in rural Somerset, you can explore the 173 acres of wild spaces, ancient woodland, tranquil 7-acre lake for wild swimming, and an abundance of wildlife. This is the perfect setting to return to harmony with self, nature and others.


About the Retreat

Our time away from it all

This time 're-treating' in nature can help us get back on track with what really matters to us, what truly lights us up!

It's an invitation to ask deep questions, to find meaning, to feel alive, revived and inspired. Ultimately it's a gathering of reconnection and remembering.

You'll be in a safe and supportive space with me right by your side. The entire focus is on helping you uncover, discover and recover from what has been keeping you exhausted, unhappy and unfulfilled, so you can be in a state of certainty and happiness in all areas of your life. YES, it is possible! You will also have the opportunity to share and bond with people on the same mission as you, leaving with a new sense of self and a commUNITY of fellow-travellers for ongoing support.

The location will have you in awe, and all activities will have you inspired. Make the choice to be a part of something that can be life changing to rediscovering YOU!

I’ll be using many tools to take us on this journey - held in a safe and supportive environment Including -

Workshops exploring this unexpectedly potent cross-road in our lives | Yoga | Mindfulness Meditation | Deep rest | Breath-work | Time in Nature | Hiking | Wild Swimming | Journaling |

Day of Silence Blank.png

Who's it For?

Is this for me....

If you're an emerging or accomplished professional, mid-career exec, entrepreneur, CEO, Mum who put her career on hold, coach or freelancer, this retreat is perfect for you.

You're life may be actually going ok (or not) but there's a longing for something larger, more expansive. You know you there's something more

This is your 

This beautiful space could not be a more perfect setting in which to deepen your practice and immerse yourself in some delicious ‘me time’.

No experience required.

People stretching on mats

Retreat Venue

Our home from home

Set on a majestic regnerative farm and nature reserve in rural Somerset, you can explore the 173 acres of wild spaces, ancient woodland, tranquil 7-acre lake for wild swimming, and an abundance of wildlife. This is the perfect setting to return to harmony with self, nature and others.

All rooms are consciously restored and furnished using sustainable, locally-sourced, natural materials and sympathetic methods that both conserve and enhance. 100% of our heat and electricity is from renewable energy.

Our Frome location in Somerset is a 30min drive from Bath or 1.5 hour train from London


Rooms: Our philosophy of "elegant simplicity" is woven throughout. Enjoy your own space with a private en-suite room for your free time, to deeply rest and reconnect with yourself. 


Everyone will feel deeply relaxed after spending just one night in this truly healing location. The retreat is the perfect place for meditating, reading or just relaxing. Thanks to this beautiful location, being still comes with ease.


Food nourish your soul

Our 'Soil to Gut' Food Philosophy

All meals, snacks and wild foraged teas are included, inspired by permaculture principles. 

Our food is healthy, tasty and organic  - prepared by our own private retreat chefs featuring ingredients grown, foraged and wild-tended on the land you're walking.


Our "Soil to Gut" menu is delicious, nutritious vegetarian food, ensuring you have both a ‘taste sensation’ and can enjoy maximum energy so you'll be buzzing with vitality throughout your stay.

We can accommodate the following dietary needs: vegan, dairy-free, diabetic, wheat/gluten-free and coeliac.

  • What's Included?
    Pre-retreat Zoom call with Deborah and fellow participants to get you prepared and connect with your group Seven nights accommodation in your own ensuite beach cabana or hut in Bamboo (shared or single occupancy, depending on which room type you select and pay for at registration) Daily Fresh wake-up power juice, tropical fruit salad, and teas Daily Morning meditation and yoga class (2 hours) Daily Delicious substantial fresh vegetarian buffet brunch Daily afternoon chai, fruit and cookies Daily Afternoon sunset yoga class (1.5 - 2 hours) Daily Evening buffet vegetarian dinner Access to our private retreat group WhatsApp space with Deborah + Community, where we will share trip information and get to know each other before the retreat Unlimited filter water throughout the day. Free wireless internet connection Boat trip to see if we can spot the local dolphins. * We have 1 Yoga free afternoon for excursions or a day of complete chillaxing by the ocean
  • Does the retreat cater for special dietary requirements?
    Yes absolutely! The chef can cater for vegan, dairy-free, diabetic, wheat/gluten-free and coeliac. You'll be asked about your preferences a few weeks before the retreat starts.
  • What's not included?
    Flights Transportation to and from the airport to retreat Any private excursions or activities outside of the retreat Spa treatments, additional snacks and drinks Gratuities for Bamboo staff, personal services, and/or purchases Travel, accident, health, or life insurance
  • Can I book a treatment during the retreat?
    Yes! The Goa spa treatments are guided by the Ayurvedic ethos of well-being, and will complement your yoga and meditation practice. Treatments can be booked once you arrive at the retreat reception, and added to your bill.
  • How much yoga or meditation experience do I need?
    All classes will be mixed level, so I will make sure you get the attention and support you need. My retreats often include complete beginners through to seasoned yoga teachers and everything in between. I'm experienced in guiding all levels in a way that meets and supports you where you are. It's less about 'what' you can do, but rather 'how' you do it. There will be plenty of variations on offer for you to really challenge yourself and explore new dimensions to your practice.
  • When does the retreat start and end?
    Check In time After 2pm Sunday 26 January 2025 Check Out Time Before 11am Sunday 2 February 2025 First Class We’ll meet at 4.30pm on Sunday 26 January for an orientation and short grounding practice followed by the first dinner. Last Class Morning class & brunch at 11am on Sunday 2 February. If it’s possible, I HIGHLY recommend arriving a few days before the retreat starts and/or stay a few days later - to adjust from jetlag and make the most of your time in India. This can be arranged separately by contacting the retreat centre direct.
  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    Yes. You can pay a deposit with two or three easy payments spread out over the months. Instalments are available up to 90 days before the retreat starts, after then full payment is required
  • What if I need to cancel?
    Before committing, please ensure you can attend as sadly I cannot offer refunds or rollovers for anyone unable to attend some or all of the retreat due to illness, work, family or other reasons. There are a limited number of spots available, and by registering, you are committing to paying the full amount for the room you select. Please make sure you have good travel insurance to cover you for any unforeseen changes. See full booking and cancellation terms here:
  • Can you hold a place for me?
    Spaces on my retreats are limited and therefore must be pre-booked and pre-paid. I've created a installment plan to help spread the payments. Bookings are only confirmed upon payment of your non-refundable deposit.
  • Can I extend my stay a few days before and/or after the retreat?
    Yes! You can book additional nights on either side of the retreat week. Please contact Bamboo directly to do this
  • What happens if I get really sick?
    Goa is possibly the cleanest state in India and there is a different attitude towards hygiene and food. (I've never been ill in 12 years of coming here!) All food in our restaurant is washed and prepared to Western standard, using filtered water rather than tap water. Our ice is made from mineral water. The restaurants in nearby Patnem are frequented by tourists and thus ‘safe’. We can give you recommendations for locally tried and tested places. There is a modern hospital just 10 minutes away by taxi which is of international standard and certainly cleaner than many NHS hospitals found in the UK. In fact an increasing number of people are coming to India to get medical treatment as it is of a high standard but much cheaper than in the West. We would still advise visitors to come with travel or medical insurance.
  • I am travelling alone do I have to find a person to share with?
    For solo guests who would be happy to share, I’ll do my best to match you with someone of the same gender who is also willing to share. My retreats attract friendly, kind, open and curious people so it’s highly likely you’ll make a new friend! Also, the communal atmosphere and the warm weather means you will be spending most of your time outdoors in the chill-out areas or on the beach. You’re also welcome to bring a non-yoga guest (partner or friend) who may simply enjoy a beach holiday and rest while you practice. Please note, a share partner isn't guaranted. If I'm unable to find someone for you to share with, you will be charged the single rate.
  • What do I bring?
    Yoga mat: The retreat does provide mats but if you like to use your own please bring this along. You can also buy one at the retreat. It is better having your own mat because it’s more hygienic and you can use it for self-practice. Electrical adaptor plug: The voltage in India is 230 – 240 V. European two prong plugs work fine but you will need a conversion plug if coming from the UK or US. Don’t get alarmed if the lights suddenly go out. Power cuts are very typical in India . However they don’t usually last a long time. Torch: See above. Also for long midnight walks along the beach, some people prefer to take a torch – more so that they can see the little crabs darting across the wet sand, than anything else. You can also buy torches locally or from beach vendors. Driving licence: You have to show proof of this if you want to rent a scooter, motorbike or car. Sunscreen: Although can buy sunscreen here, if you have a particular brand you like bring it along. Remember the sun in India is quite strong, especially if you’re coming from the winter. We have plenty of shade at The retreat and the yoga decks are all covered. It’s best to avoid the midday sun if possible or cover up with long sleeves. After a few days your skin should be accustomed to the sun and you can move around more freely. Sunglasses: The sun is bright so don’t forget them shades. Mosquito repellent or citronella: There are generally not that many mosquitoes on the beach but if you are particularly sensitive to bites bring along repellent and light, long sleeved clothes for the evening. You can also buy local repellent which seems to work. Remember we do have mosquito nets for your bed. Flip flops or sandals: The sand can get quite hot around midday so unless you’ve got elephant skin you might want to save going barefoot for sunset. Also for going to the local market and excursions you might find it most comfortable in open shoes. Most people here live in flip flops so you will probably only need your trainers/winter shoes for the flight. The trekkers amongst you, might want to bring walking shoes if you’re planning trips to the forest. You can buy sandals, flip flops and crocs (cheap copies) here for very little money. Ear plugs! We’re living out in nature which is wonderful AND full of sounds (think camping!) A good set of ear plugs will help you enjoy a quiet slumber. Journal: we’ll be doing a lot of reflecting during our week, and journalling is a great way to support this practice. You will be living on the beach so you’ll be surprised how little you actually need. Bring a beach towel or sarong, swimming costumes, vest tops, t-shirts, a jumper for the evening, loose fitting yoga pants, shorts etc. For shoes, see above. Early in the year the nights and early mornings can be cool so bring a jumper or something warm for the early practice. Goa is a liberal state and the locals are used to western tourists so clothes like shorts, vest tops and short skirts are completely acceptable. However due to the heat and strong sun you may feel more comfortable in long sleeved shirts and long, cotton pants. Leave some space in your bag for anything you might buy here. India has a wide array of cheap clothes, scarves, jewellery and blankets. There are plenty of local laundry services, including the one we have at the retreat. Dress-code is ‘come as you are’! If you enjoy dressing up for dinner, or arriving in leggings – everything is welcome, this is YOUR holiday!
  • Do I need a visa?
    A tourist visa is required for travel to India. There is an online application process for tourist e-visas that is an easy and more affordable option (confirmation usually within 72hrs). You can apply here The address and contact for the destination on your Visa is: Heidi Taylor – Bamboo Yoga Retreat, Polem Beach, Goa, India
  • What will the weather be like?
    The climate in Goa is the opposite of the European/North American winter. From October until May it is warm and dry. The daytime temperatures range from 28 to 32 degrees. At night the thermometer may sink to 20 degrees in December and January – but it will feel colder due to the humidity – so bring a jumper and long trousers for the early morning practice and the nights. Generally you will encounter blue skies every day from November to April.
  • How do I get to the retreat?
    We'll be staying at Bamboo Yoga Retreat, Polem Beach, Goa, India Taxis can be arranged for you by the retreat centre and added to your final bill. A taxi driver will wait for you at the airport with a ‘Bamboo Yoga’ sign. The journey from Dabolim is about 1 hour and 25 minutes and from Manohar it is about 2 hours and 25 minutes. Please contact the retreat centre direct to arrange this There’s the option to connect with your fellows via WhatsApp to discuss / arrange sharing taxis, especially for those travelling solo.
  • Is it dangerous to travel to Goa alone as a woman?
    Not at all. India is a safe country for Westerners and poses no problem for women travelling on their own. Especially Goa is very used to tourism and one of the only places in India where a woman can get away with wearing a short skirt or shorts, without being stared at.
  • What vaccinations do I need?
    There are no compulsory vaccinations for India (unless you are arriving from certain African or South American countries with yellow fever) but it is best to consult your doctor about any personal vaccinations you may need for travelling. Goa is not a high-risk malaria area and most of the local internationals do not take malaria tablets as the side-effects are controversial. Here is the UK guidance. Please check with your country's guidance is this may differ
  • Where do I fly to in Goa?
    Goa airport Dabolim (GOI) and Goa Manohar airport (GOX) can both be reached by direct international charter flights from the UK and other European countries, as well as by international scheduled flights via Delhi and Mumbai. Some guests choose to make the most of their time in India and explore different cities and sites either before or after the retreat, so a connecting flight may work better for you.
  • Will my mobile/internet phone work?
    Yes, your phone will switch to the local network so you will be able to send text messages and receive and make calls easily. However, we strongly recommend that you check charges with your mobile phone provider.
  • Will I be able to exchange/withdraw money?
    The retreat accepts Pounds, Euros, Dollars and most foreign currency, but you will need rupees for eating out, buses, rickshaws and buying small local items. We recommend that you purchase currency at the airport when you arrive (it is not available in the UK). Otherwise you can purchase in Patnam which is a 15min taxi from the retreat.

Retreat Dates

Sunday 12th June – Friday 17th June


Arriving from 4pm on Sunday 12th we will have a welcome session at 5.15pm. Our final session will be Friday morning before saying our goodbyes at 11am. Plenty of time to get home, do the laundry and still have the whole weekend ahead!

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Retreat Price

Shared : £525 per person (based on 2 sharing)

Single is available: £585 per person
(limited spaces)

Non-refundable deposit £150 to secure
place / Balance due 30 April 2022

Price includes 5 night accommodation, all inclusive meals + daily yoga and meditation classes

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