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Mindfulness Meditations

These guided practices are offered freely to support you in your meditation practice


Each meditation can be done as a stand alone practice, or together if you enjoy a longer meditation. 

Self compassion break (3mins)

an SOS practice to help move through times when we feel caught emotionally. 

Breath Awareness (10mins)

A simple practice to help cultivate a mindful presence using the breath

Awareness of Emotions (10mins)

bringing a mindful and kind awareness to the feelings that make up our emotional life.

Naming Thoughts and Finding The Root (10mins)

the simple practice of noticing and naming our thoughts, and feeling for the root in the body

RAIN for emotional healing (10mins)

a short practice for when we're suffering, helping us to cultivate a healing with mindfulness and self-compassion

Vipassana (clear seeing) 20mins

a meditation opening our hearts to life as it is, being present to what's really happening in the moment

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