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There are times in our lives where we just feel stuck - especially in midlife. We start to ask questions like,

why am I not enjoy my work anymore?
where am I going in my life?
how can I change my career?
why is everything suddenly so gray to me?
what now, as the children are on their own journey?

If you're asking these questions, then the good news is, you are right on time my friend.

Midlife is a potent time of change. It’s a time when we have a ton of experiences and are now looking for new ways to pour our talents, skills, time and energy into something that's more fulfilling - without sacrificing our happiness and health! A time where we focus more on creating a life, and not just a career or a family. Midlife is full of opportunities to explore new ways of living and being. It's amazing how very little this time is discussed and celebrated. Most of us fight our way through silence, and this breaks my heart.

Statistics shows that in Midlife many people are not satisfied with their life situation. Are you one of them? And if so - are you looking for a empathetic conversation partner who can walk you through this bumpy ride and offer you support, guidance and encouragement?

Nothing brings me more joy than to walk alongside people at this stage in their life, helping them to uncover and discover new parts of themselves and new ways of being in the world that brings them more joy. And you my love, deserve to feel more joy!

Do you know what makes YOUR soul sing or lights you up? What gets you excited about your life again?
If you're feeling that sense of restlessness and stuckness, it's a sign you're ready for change and you’ve just found your best cheerleader, mentor, coach and companion.

So if you've been dreaming of making a change OR you're not sure what to do next – then go ahead and book up with me.  Together we'll work out just what it is you're seeking and how to curate a life that feels joyful once again. I'll share great tips, tools, and fab ideas for finding your way back to what matters most.

Go for it, invest in your one wild and precious life!

More than just a coach. 

I offer both mentoring and coaching as complementary and interrelated practices that offer a more flexible, personalised, and holistic support. 

As a mentor and coach, I have a dual role: to guide and to empower. I balance these two aspects depending on the context - sometimes, you may need more guidance (mentoring), where I can share my experience, insights, advice, or best practices, or demonstrate a skill or a behavior. Other times, you may need more empowerment (coaching), finding your own solutions where I ask good questions, challenge assumptions, and encourage self-reflection and action. Both approaches are seeped in mindfulness and compassion, so we can gently get to the deeper truths and work from here. 


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My Story

I'm Deborah Berryman, and I'm passionate about helping people bust the midlife myths about what’s possible and navigate the sometimes murky waters of midlife, so you can really thrive, not just survive.

I started my working life in a successful career in corporate, which was exciting and great fun - until it wasn't. Like so many people, I worked in an environment that rewarded poor self care (long hours and constantly connected) which over time, felt problematic to me. So in my mid 30s, I became an entrepreneur and created a thriving yoga studio & national yoga teacher training centre. It was wonderful - turning a vision into a reality and having the freedom to curate a business and community that felt meaningful and a force for good in the world. 

When perimenopause arrived and I hit the stride of my midlife, something big shifted in me that took time and space to understand. I spent a while floundering, questioning everything about myself, who I was, who I wanted to be, what did I want from this life and what was I bringing to life. There was a longing to live differently, and create something richer and more joyful on the inside. And so after 10 glorious years at the helm, I decided to reshape my life - selling the business to make more room for travel and adventure, relationships, joy and rest - while still enjoying success in my work. The two are NOT mutually exclusive! 

Having spent over 20 years in both careers mentoring and coaching people (as well as communities outside of the work context), I found myself naturally in this space of mentoring and coaching others through this time. Now in my 50s, I'm asked again and again for support in how to navigate significant life events as menopause and midlife, and I love it! I offer the guidance, support, affirmation and wisdom I wish I'd have had along the way. 

Without question, that midlife can be a doorway into our most satisfying stage of life. Once we make the decision to embrace it, we can find that elusive 'more' to life that you may have heard about, but suspected was for other people…

My role is to challenge and support you while giving you the space to explore the myriad possibilities available to you in this next chapter. Connect with me today and let's get started.


I can't wait to work with you! 
Deborah x

Mentoring and Coaching Packages


1 month mentoring

4 private sessions (1 hour)
across 4 weeks - online

Messenger audio coaching Monday - Friday (9am-5pm)

We can trouble shoot anything coming up for you and help make the right adjustments to thinking and behaviour.




3 month mentoring

12 private sessions (1 hour) across 12 weeks - online

Messenger audio coaching Monday - Friday (9am-5pm)


We can trouble shoot anything coming up for you and help make the right adjustments to thinking and behaviour.




In Person Half Day Intensive

Kick start our partnership with a morning or afternoon in a mutually convenient location.

We’ll make significant headway into the transformations you seek and connect on a deeper level from the outset.

You'll leave with practical tools to take away and use for the duration of our mentorship.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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